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Who is Liable in a Multi-car Accident

Who is Liable in a Multi-car Accident

Who is Liable in a Multi-car Accident

Who is Liable in a Multi-car Accident?

Not all car accidents involve one or two vehicles. With the number of people on the road already a high number and increasing, accidents involving more than two cars are growing. In a matter of seconds, a congested highway can become a dangerous and an extreme situation. When disasters like this happen, it is hard to determine who is at fault because more than one driver could be at fault for acting carelessly behind the wheel. 

How Chain Reaction Accidents Happen 


Typically, a chain reaction accident happens when traffic is at a stop. Someone hits another car in the rear, and the car in front of them hits the car in front of them. Depending on which state you live in, the person who hit the first car is the one at fault and must pay liability

Who is at Fault


Deciding which driver was negligent is the concern of which driver’s recklessness caused the accident. In a case where multiple drivers are negligent driver share liability for the accident.  Your insurance company will be the ones to make a first decision on who was at fault in the accident. They hire accident investigators to look into how the accident occurred and who’s wrongdoing caused it. Without someone openly confessing to causing the accident, this process can take some time. Other ways to help determine who is at fault for an accident include:

  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Vehicle damages 
  • Evidence collected at the accident site including skid marks and rubbish
  • Police reports 


It is not advised to try to handle your insurance claim or lawsuit alone. If you were injured in a chain reaction accident and need an experienced personal injury attorney, contact The Cochran Firm Mid- South or call 1-800-THE-FIRM for your free consultation.