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Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

The leading cause of death or impairment among teenagers in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. Teens ages 16-19 are at a higher risk of being in a car accident vs. any other age group. Teenagers lack legitimate driving experience so obstacles which may seem minuscule to an adult often are difficult for teens. They are more likely to crash if they are distracted by having peers in the car, using a cell phone or intoxicated.

Teen Drivers in Summer

Businesses like AAA refer to summer as the “100 Deadliest Days” due to the rise of teen fatalities by motor vehicle accidents during the summer months. During the summer, teens spend time driving for the fun of it instead of having specific places to go like school or work. They put themselves at a higher risk of crashing by driving on unfamiliar roads by adventuring with their friends during the summer. 

Talk to Your Teenager

It is important to sit your teen down and talk to them about the dangers of the road. When teaching your teen to drive, be sure to expose them to a plethora of different driving conditions so that they can feel self-assured if in the same situations by themselves. As a parent, you want to feel confident in your teens’ driving so lead by example by wearing seatbelts and not speeding while on the road. 

Keeping Your Teen Safe

The best way to keep your teen safe on the road during the summer months is to set limitations. You may want to establish rules such when your teen can or can’t drive. For example, you may not allow your teen to drive after 9 pm if they struggle with night driving. You can also set rules for how many passengers are allowed in your teen’s car while driving. Having another teenage passenger in the vehicle increases the chance of a fatal crash by 44%. Establish that being distracted by a cell phone while driving is dangerous. States like Georgia and Tennessee are implementing hands-free laws to limit distracted driving. Keeping your teenager safe on the road is important, so be sure to inform them about the dangers of driving. 

The Cochran Firm of the Mid-South wishes everyone a safe and relaxing summer!