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At the Cochran Firm, even though our office mates have changed, we are still here focusing on your legal needs. Please call us for your legal needs at 901-523-1222 or check us out at Cochranfirmmidsouth.com. From personal injury to medical malpractice, our Memphis, TN lawyers have experience handling a wide variety of cases. Contact our team today for a free case evaluation....

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Understanding Police Brutality In Tennessee

police brutality in tennessee

Americans trust police officers and other members of law enforcement to enforce the laws responsibly and act with fairness in regards to their fellow humans. In very rare cases, however, officers make mistakes or bad decisions, often in the heat of the moment. This can lead to police brutality.  In recent years, many people associate police brutality with high tension and fear surrounding incidents that involve officers and civilians that have turned violent. Read on to learn more about police brutality. What Is Police Brutality? While many people consider police brutality to include physical violence, this is not always the case. Misconduct can...

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Sexually Harassed at School? You May Have a Case

Sexually Harassed at School

Sexually Harassed at School?

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, including school. Students have the legal right to sue schools and school officials if they have been the victims of sexual harassment at school, even if it occurs outside of academic hours.

Understanding sexual harassment laws can be difficult. This guide will clear up some of the confusion and help you begin your case.

Update on the Galilee Memorial Gardens Lawsuit

We would like to update everyone on the current status of the Galilee lawsuit.  The trial is set in Chancery Court on September 4th, 2018.  Details regarding the trial will be provided to you at the Galilee Plaintiffs meeting.  For your convenience, we have scheduled two different meeting times this weekend.  You can attend either one. It is not necessary to attend both.  The meetings will take place in the same location of the prior meetings at One Commerce Square Building located at 40 S. Main Street (auditorium) on Saturday, August 25, 2018 from  9am  - Noon and Sunday, August 26, 2018 from...

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