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Cochran Firm Represents Family of Victim Shot By Circle K Employee

Howard Manis, managing partner of The Cochran Firm Mid-South, is representing the family of Marvell Locke, who was shot and killed by a Circle K employee.  The shooting took place in May. Now the victim’s family announced several lawsuits seeking justice and millions in damages.

WMC Channel 5 News reported that Mr. Vitatoe was charged with involuntary manslaughter. “On May 19th of this year on the parking lot of the Circle K on Highway 64 in Cordova, Marvell Locke was shot and killed by the store clerk,” said Howard Manis, managing partner, The Cochran Firm.

Manis said “Unjustified killing of black men and women must stop. I call upon the district attorney to seek an indictment that more accurately reflects the significant criminal conduct displayed by Mr. Vitatoe.”

“Citizens who believe that is the proper justice should not be free to walk amongst us without the fear that they may do this again,” said Manis.

The lawsuit names Circle K, Mac’s Convenience Stores and Nicholas Vitatoe. The lawsuit seeks $10 million in compensatory damages and $25 million for punitive damages.