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According to a New York Times article , Howard Manis, Managing Partner of the Cochran Firm Mid-South, one of the lawyers representing Dr. Parsa and Dr. Lou, said that the deputies had “clearly had no idea how to handle an individual with special needs.”

Howard Manis from The Cochran Firm represents Louisiana family in wrongful death of autistic 16 year old.

He said that even though the deputies had been told on numerous occasions and “they communicated amongst themselves that they were dealing with a young man who was severely autistic, to them it was just business as usual.”, causing the death of autistic 16 year old, Eric Parsa.

“We bring this lawsuit in hopes that Eric’s death will not be in vain and no other families will have to go through the same horror, loss and shock that we are experiencing,” Sr. Lou said.

According to the lawsuit, Eric’s parents allege he was held down in a prone position, on his stomach, handcuffed, shackled, arms and legs held down, head, shoulder and neck encircled by the arm of a deputy, with JPSO deputies applying their own body weight as a restraint, while he was suffering from an acute sensory episode or “outburst” related to and caused by his severe autism.

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