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Chances are, you’ve had at least one frightening encounter or near-accident with an 18-wheeler while driving on a highway or interstate. Car-truck collisions can be especially devastating because of the sheer size and weight of the truck and, subsequently, the amount of time it takes a big rig to stop. Here are some common causes of car-truck accidents to consider.

Either driver can cause a car-truck accidents. Here are common reasons truck drivers may be at fault:

  • Driver fatigue, driving long distances with little sleep
  • Mechanical issues and/or poor maintenance of the truck
  • Distracted driving, i.e. talking, texting, eating, using the phone, or changing the radio station
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Lack of or poor driver training

And here are reasons that passenger vehicle drivers often cause collisions:

  • Driving in the truck’s “blind spot”
  • Driving between two big trucks
  • Unsafe passing
  • Changing lanes or merging into traffic in front of a truck

If you’re ever involved in a car-truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation if the truck driver was a fault.  Get the legal representation you need to take on the trucking company. Call The Cochran Law Firm of the Mid-South at 901-523-1222 for a free case consultation.