As COVID 19 lawsuits continue to increase across most of the country, the number of virus-related court cases continue to rise. More than 3000 lawsuits and claims had been filed by mid-July. In some COVID 19 lawsuits, complainants allege their health and safety has needlessly suffered, while other cases are based on economic harm:

  • Multiple class action lawsuits against the Chinese government claim it was negligent in trying to contain the coronavirus
  • Businesses are suing insurance companies for not covering losses due to COVID 19
  • Travelers who contracted the virus have sued cruise lines, airline and hotels for negligence
  • Many workers are filing workers’ compensation claims or lawsuits for being exposed to the virus while on the job, or claims related to layoffs or denial of leave
  • Health care companies such as hospitals and nursing homes are being sued by patient families, or by employees who claim they were denied proper protective equipment
  • Shareholders allege that certain companies failed to act responsibly to avoid stock market losses due to the pandemic
  • Some plaintiffs have filed suits against state or local governments for acting negligently in their efforts to control the outbreak
  • Consumers have sued companies over cancelled events, evictions, price gouging and products that falsely claimed to cure coronavirus

Lawmakers in some states have already passed legislation to grant some protection from lawsuits to healthcare facilities, and other states are considering similar moves. Other businesses are arguing that they should be granted some liability protections as well during these unprecedented times.

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