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 Lamorris Robinson Shot and Killed

A Memphis, Tennessee man was shot and killed on October 16, 2019. Lamorris Robinson was shot by Charles Kalb while fleeing a small engine shop. Lamorris was shot in the back, as caught on surveillance, with an illegal, sawed-off shotgun. Kalb’s attorney denies the accounts of the police affidavits, despite video evidence.

The family and friends of Lamorris held a vigil October 19th at the scene of his murder. Candles were lit in the storage facility parking lot on Mount Moriah in Memphis, TN. Lamorris Robinson leaves behind two small children. The Cochran Firm Mid-South has been brought on to represent the children of Lamorris to help provide for them after this catastrophic loss of their father.

Transcript of Lamorris Robinson Press Conference

Howard Manis, Managing Partner at The Cochran Firm Mid-South

Good morning. The Cochran Firm of the Mid-South has been retained to represent two minor children of Lamorris Robinson who was shot and killed on October 16, 2019.

I’m Howard Manis, the managing partner of the firm. To be clear, Lamorris Robinson had his share of ups and downs in life, and after his release from prison a few weeks ago he moved back into the home of Latriece Greer and the two children they share. From what our investigation has gathered, immediately prior to being shot Lamorris was running away from the establishment with his back to Charles Kalb. When he was shot in the back with at least one blast from Kalb’s illegal sawed-off shotgun.

The family is pleased that Kalb was charged with first-degree murder and appreciates all of the hard work, time, and effort associated with the investigation and performed by the Memphis police department. As part of our representation of his children, we will be diligent in staying on top of prosecutors to ensure that Kalb’s prosecution is vigorous and the family is heard. Regardless of how people may feel about an individual who is allegedly stealing from an establishment, the employees or owner of that establishment have no right to kill an individual, particularly when there is no threat of physical harm present.

My job is to ensure that justice is done for Lamorris Robinson and his children. We will seek all civil remedies at our disposal in an effort to provide for the children that Lamorris had with Ms. Greer. It is imperative that we work with our government officials and political leaders to ensure that people like Lamorris have a manageable and meaningful path forward to reenter society. For many of those leaving prison and coming back to a regular life, they are met with roadblocks and difficulties at every turn. If we do not work to help former inmates acclimate we will just continue the revolving door from prison to life and back to prison. Nobody wins in that scenario, especially not small children who will now grow up without a father.



Video Link to Lamorris Robinson Press Conference with Cochran Firm