Police brutality has been in the news a lot lately. But what constitutes “brutality?” The most
obvious definition involves excessive use of force and physical harm. But did you know that
brutality can also mean things like false arrest, corruption, racial profiling, verbal abuse
intimidation, and illegal search and seizure? Not all cases are a violation of your civil rights, but you should always consult a civil rights attorney.

Victims of police misconduct are protected by federal law. You have the right to seek justice
and compensation. But the burden will be on you to prove the police acted improperly. Some
states have “qualified immunity” laws which protect the government and its employees from

What should you do if you think you are a victim of police brutality?

  • Write down the officers’ name and badge number(s)
  • Write down the names and numbers of eyewitnesses
  • Seek medical assistance for any injuries
  • Take photos of any injuries and get copies of medical reports
  • Keep all medical receipts
  • Consult an attorney

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