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As advocates call for transparency, the question gets raised on whether or not the Use of Excessive Force should be public records.

FOX13 investigated allegations of excessive force by Memphis Police Officers. Your ability to know how many cases exist and what happened to the officers investigated for possible wrongdoing.

We discovered that kind of data is only available through Memphis Police and is not easily accessible to you, the public.

Advocates for policy transparency said that it is unacceptable.

Three recent cases of allegations of excessive force by MPD officers put the spotlight on the department and its use of force policy.

On the first night of protests against the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police officer, a Memphis Police Officer is caught on cell phone camera knocking a protester to the ground with his riot shield.

The woman appeared to be unaware the officer was going to use force.

During the same night, a Memphis Police officer pointed an SLG rifle, at a FOX13 News crew as they walked backward covering the demonstrations. According to the department’s public information officer, is used to fire rubber bullets.

While all three cases are currently under investigation by Memphis Police, The Cochran Law Firm of the Mid-South managing partner Howard Manis called them troubling.

“I think there is some significant overreacting and over-policing going on, which, whether intended or not, is to intimidate,” Manis said.

At a June 1 news conference, Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings told FOX 13 those three cases don’t accurately portray Memphis Police Department’s interaction with the public.

“Each year this police department makes over 60,000 arrests,” Rallings said. “With those arrests, officers use force only two percent of the time.” The lack of accessible data on excessive force is not just a Memphis problem, but a national one. There is not one clearinghouse for that kind of information, not even the FBI.

For more information, please check out the video and full article from FOX13: