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A Wednesday afternoon press conference of the deadly officer-involved shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta revealed three Mid-South Men considered witnesses at the scene.

Two are from West Memphis, Arkansas, while a third is from Memphis.

An attorney representing all three witnesses said that one of the officer’s bullets only narrowly missed his clients as they sat in their vehicle in a Wendy’s parking lot June 12.

“One of those bullets entered my clients’ vehicle, almost killing them. We could be here talking about four murders,” said attorney Shean Williams.

Although the witnesses attended Wednesday’s press conference, none of them spoke. Their attorney says they have been speaking to investigators, though.

Williams said their statement “confirms that at no time was Mr. Brooks ever a threat to anyone, including the officers in that Wendy’s parking lot. My clients’ statements confirm that Mr. Brooks was running, his back was turned.”

Prosecutors say video evidence backs up their accounts.

For more information, please check out the video and article from WREG: